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5 Tips to De-clutter Your Mind

Well spring is finally here in all it’s glory! About time too…….I don’t know about you but I’m well and truly over the jeans and woollies.   Time to get those razors out and show a bit of leg……. Don’t you love just sitting outside with the suns rays just beaming on your back?


I’m definitely not a winter person. In fact I tend to hibernate, indulge in some comfort food, and sit on the lounge wrapped in a blanket with a nice cup of tea…….I would stay there all winter if I could. But there’s something about Spring that makes you feel more alive, more vibrant and ready to take on the world!


Traditionally Spring is associated with renewal, birth and Spring cleaning – getting rid of all that stuff that we have accumulated over time that has been clogging our space. We often spend a lot of time de-cluttering our wardrobes and our environment but how many of us allocate time to de-cluttering our minds?


Mental clutter can wreak havoc in our day-to-day lives, where we become forgetful, distracted, unfocused, even stressed and fatigued; Taking us away from the present moment and joy of life.


Here are 5 ways you can begin to de-clutter your mind:

  1. Create a daily list

By creating a list we can clearly see what needs to be done. You can take this a step further by diarising jobs and assigning a time frame for them to be completed.

  1. Have a notebook handy

So you can write down things that come to mind or ideas that you may have. That way you are not trying to carry it all in your head.

  1. Take time to meditate

Meditation is a great way to relax and clear your mind plus it also has heaps of health benefits; this will help you maintain ease and flow in your day.

  1. Attend to things as they come in

When we are busy we tend to put things in the ‘later’ or the ‘too hard’ basket. When we don’t deal with things straight away they tend to float around in the back of our minds, which causes stress, as it’s another thing that we are thinking about.

  1. Let go

There’s no point in worrying about things. Worry drains us of our energy and keeps us stuck. If it’s not serving you, let it go!


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