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About Jacqueline Daniel

Jacqueline Daniel

Founder and Head Coach

Here I am: I’m an accredited life coach, facilitator and speaker. One thing you should know about me is, I don’t give up. And if you’ve got a flicker of hope that your life could be better (more purposeful, passionate and pleasurable) – I won’t give up on you. Because what I do best is help you create an inspiring vision for yourself and the life you’re here to live.

With 20+ years experience in business, management and relationship development, plus the 45 years of experience in life, love and death. I’m a results-oriented, intuition-powered champion of women. I’ve found strength in my vulnerability, a voice of my own and the courage to shine.

I’m also a mum (of two gorgeous girls), who totally gets the reality of a never ending to-do list, the repetitive rhythm of family life and the insecurities that come with simply being a woman. Often the women who come into my world are unable to recognise their innate brilliance and after many years of serving the interest of others, have lost their connection to their authentic desires and yearnings.

My promise? Together we will strip away the layers of fear, false thoughts and self-judgement that mask the empowered woman raring to reveal her radiance.

I have to tell you though, that I’m not the type of life coach that makes you follow a pre-packaged plan to success. My approach is to gently draw out the wisdom inside of you.

Because the truth is…

It’s simply not possible to live an authentic, passionate life when you’re busy:

  • Trying to live up to other people’s expectations.
  • Ignoring or denying your own desires.
  • Telling yourself you’re not good enough.
  • Scheduling yourself into insanity.

Sound familiar?

Let’s work together to burn those expectations down, release the judgments and explore what you really ache for and as you bravely take one small step in the direction of your dreams I will be right here to support and cheer you on.

Because living with passion and purpose is not pie-in-the-sky stuff. It’s the way we’re meant to live as women. With passion and purpose we are the women our daughters, sons, lovers, partners and friends need us to be. And when this happens we become an inspiring vision for others.

jacquidanielI know this to be true in my own life. And it’s more than possible for you.

Here’s a snapshot of some defining experiences and lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Mover & Shaker: Born in England, my family migrated to Australia when I was 15. I felt my world was ending. From there my life has been marked by relocation and the loneliness that dislocation brings. I have had to build community quickly and frequently and then start all over again.

Lesson: Wherever you find yourself, reaching out to others and rebuilding your life is necessary and possible.

Survivor: I got married for the first time at age 18. By 23 I was suddenly a single mother. With no money, no job, no house to raise my daughter, I felt completely shattered. With only $50 dollars in the bank, I had nothing but my inner resources to get us out of the hole we were in. Through sheer persistence (and stellar negotiation skills) I managed to push through the 12-month waiting list to secure us a home within a month.

Lesson: Persistence pays. Do not give up. You have the keys to rescue yourself from any situation life throws at you.

Seeker-Finder: After thirteen years of frequent relocation, due to my second husband’s work, I found myself in a new area (again!), this time with a 3 yr old daughter to care for, hubby often on the move, sickness, miscarriage, and an overwhelming sense that my world, once again, was falling apart. And then my eldest decided to leave home. As I sunk into depression, I realised that if life was to change, I would be the only one to do it. So I went searching and I stumbled upon a woman’s social group. This set in motion a new path that would lead to study as a life coach. All of my professional and personal experience finally made sense.

Lesson: Even when life seems dark or drab, simply seek and you will find. Follow the synchronicities and inner callings.

That is my vision, my story and lessons.

If you feel called, I’d love you to explore how I can help you.
Love & inspiration,
Jacqui xxx

Official Bio

Jacqui Daniel is an accredited life coach, speaker, reiki practitioner, mother and all-round champion of women who invites you to create your own Inspiring Vision®. With 20 + years experience in business development and relationship management, life coaching skills and reiki training, her unique blend of expertise helps women discover their authentic power to truly shine. Discover how you can work with Jacqui at inspiringvision.com.au


Cert IV in Life Coaching

The Life Coaching Academy QLD

Level II Reiki

Sarvaga Light W.A

Level I Reiki

Sarvaga Light W.A

Workplace Training – Category 1

Adelaide College of TAFE

Diploma of Management (Awarded Best Student)

Carine College of TAFE

Certificate of Information Technology

Carine College of TAFE



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