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Personal Growth

I Have a Confession

I rolled into this year feeling exhausted, depleted and with a total lack of focus. This left me feeling frustrated and bad about myself for not having my shit together! Really? As a coach, shouldn’t I have my shit together?? So after giving my self a little talking to I decided the best thing for me to do was to just STOP. Stop everything, stop doing, stop thinking and give myself the time and space that I needed to work through this little dilemma.


As I started to relax into this new way of being and just let everything fall away without guilt (yes that ugly emotion that often consumes us as mums, that screams at us the should and shouldn’t of who we must be or how we must live) I began to realise that I had spent the majority of last year busying myself doing……….trying to assemble the pieces of my life to create some normality (while still grieving the end of a 20 year marriage), pushing my way forward trying to make things happen.  You see I’m a go-getter type and I’ve always followed the belief of:




Well that’s all fine and dandy but I wasn’t taking the time to take stock, breathe and allow things to occur naturally and in their own time.   I was trying to control my life, which is quite laughable when we understand that we actually don’t have control over anything and the minute we actually let go of this, Tada! Everything falls in to place.


Several weeks have passed since I made this decision and I can tell you I am feeling much lighter and not only am I listening more, but can also hear what my inner guidance and body are telling me and responding to those needs of nurturing. I am also gaining more clarity and having many aha moments. One major one being…..and here comes my BIG confession… I’m a people pleaser. Yep, I’ve spent a lot of time giving my energy and power away to others in order for them not to feel bad, to do the right thing, to make them happy, and to be liked. In essence I have put others and their needs before mine, (that and the hefty expectations I place on myself). Talk about exhausting, No wonder I was feeling depleted. Well this BS stops today, I no longer give my energy or power away to others or pursuits that don’t serve me.


Since this amazing realisation I am so much more aware of my energy and that of others and I am able to make more conscious choices about what I do, whom I choose to hang out with and activities in which I engage in.


Our energy is so powerful why would we want to just carelessly give it away!

If you want to take back your energy and power, here some tips on how you can do that:

  • Stop! You don’t have to fill every minute of the day
  • Take time to just sit, relax, connect and listen
  • Set up boundaries
  • Learn to say No – to activities or people that zap your energy
  • Do what feels right for you – stop ‘shoulding’
  • Don’t justify
  • Let go of control and allow


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