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Life Coaching


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“A Life Coach does for the rest of your LIFE what a Personal Trainer does for your health and fitness.” ~ Elaine MacDonald

Life Coaching creates the personal transformation that leads to authentic happiness and fulfillment in every area of your life. It provides you with an amazing partnership, where you and your coach work together to bridge the gap between where you are and where you truly want to be.


I believe that women underestimate themselves and often don’t see how amazing they are. There’s a deeper intelligence that lives within you and knows what you need to live your most empowered and authentic life. My work is about uncovering your wisdom, by challenging and stripping away the fear-thoughts, inherited belief patterns and unconscious blocks that are holding back your full potential.

When was the last time you carved out time to focus just on you?

The women I work with are usually professional mums who habitually put themselves down the bottom of their to-do list. (If they’re on the list at all.)

I partner with:

  • Women who are ready to stop saying ‘yes’ to everyone and start tuning into themselves.
  • Professional women who are going through transition in any (or every) area of life
  • Women who are seeking a more passionate and purposeful life

As your coach I am your mirror, cheerleader and champion.

Through our coaching partnership you will:

  • Let go of self-sabotaging beliefs and inner blocks that prevent you moving forward.
  • Unlock your hidden strengths and inner resources.
  • Identify what really drives, motivates and inspires you as a woman.
  • Create more time and space in your schedule.
  • Set achievable goals that are aligned to your passion and purpose.

mindbodyspiritauthenticselfIn my experience, THE best investment you will ever make is in you. Once you decide that you are important and worthy enough, you will discover just what you are capable of feeling, achieving and experiencing.

If you’re in a period of transition, you’re in the perfect position to experience an awakening. You can expect me to ask powerful questions that will draw out authentic answers around the life you want and how to move toward it.

That’s why I do this work. I’m committed to living my own inspiring vision and I bring the expertise and skills to help you do the same.

There are currently two ways for you to work with me one-on-one

  1. Empowered Woman – 3 month coaching series
  2. Authentically You – 6 month coaching series

Simply send an email to Jacqui@inspiringvision.com.au to express your interest and arrange a complimentary call to discover if we’re the right fit, or click here and submit a booking form.